Electric Escapees

Electric Escapees

James Sindle first studied design at Kingston University, before training in CG here at Escape studios. Upon completion of his course James joined The Mill in 2007, he quickly then became a senior 3D operator leading multiple award winning commercials, before branching off last year with Lee Pavey, Dan Stanhope Marum and Giles Cheetham to form their own power house, the Electric Theatre Collective.

The dynamic creativity that’s flowing from this new VFX post production house is making strong currents, and the stunning new spot for Mercedes, 'Thank You Airbag’, is an example of their high voltage output which is lighting up the industry. Check out more of their recent work here.

Because James is an escapee himself, he understands the energy of Escape Studios resources. So not only did he task our technology team to supply him with the tools of his trade, including HP Z600 workstations, Nuke & Maya licences, their CandIT Media storage infrastructure and Renderfarm, he also charged our recruitment team to supply him with talented individuals, to put all that technology to use.

The bright sparks that fitted in to the Electric Theatre’s circuits were Carlos Conceicao and Sarah Iduwe from our Compositing Professional course, and from Composting Production were Mary Lapena, Ben Lilley, Chris Andrewartha and Matt Shires.

James was confident that he could bring these escapees into his team, and they would confidently plug into his pipeline, switch on straight away and generate eye catching work.

However, one essential part of the team Escape Studios’ can’t supply a buzzing post production environment, is ECT’s mascot Dot; James’ Fox Terrier who has been with them since launch and comes to the office every day. 

We will keep tabs on the buzz coming from the Electric Theatre, and if you think a grounding in compositing might charge up your career, or feel the need to connect up some new technology, then contact the powers that be in our training or technology team, who will wire you in to the latest products.


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