Dreamworks to Build Chinese Theme Park

Dreamworks to Build Chinese Theme Park

Ever wanted to travel to China? The culture, the history, the Dreamworks Theme Park– hold on a second, what was that last one?

We were very excited to find out this week that Oriental Dreamworks has plans to build an indoor theme park in the Yangtze River Delta in China.

Showing off some of the characters created by the Glendale Animation Studio (and yes, for any fans out there - that does include the characters we know and love from Kung Fu Panda!)

We’re now waiting on Shuai Min, vice president of the Shanghai based branch of the firm, for details on exactly where the park will be built and a more precise schedule for its construction. It was only last year that Dreamworks teamed up with three Chinese Media companies to form Oriental Dreamworks, and this is their first project, the indoor theme park, titled 'the Dream Centre Entertainment and Cultural Complex' is looking to cover the spectrum when it comes to entertainment and is something to keep an eye on!!

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