Dreamworks Inspires Our Students

Dreamworks Inspires Our Students

Just over a week ago, our students were treated to a visit by the extroadinarily talented Shelley Page, of Dreamworks. Shelley has been involved with some of the most memorable animation to come out of Dreamworks - titles like 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit?', ‘The Prince Of Egypt’, ‘Antz’, and ‘Shrek’.

As the International Outreach Officer for Deamworks, Shelley talks to lots of students and understands exactly what's needed to make it as an animator. Shelley talked to our students about what makes truly great animation, and they listened intently to every word she uttered.

Shelley is a member of the Escape Studios Advisory Board and regularly offers advice on what's taught in our courses. She is pictured below with Alex Williams, our animation tutor.

Our next Character Animation Course is starting in January and will be taught by Alex. If you'd like to find more information on Alex, or our Animation Course, feel free to get in touch here.

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