Dragons are cool, right?

Dragons are cool, right?

In pursuit of some new blog material, I managed to stumble across this über cool, VFX heavy advertisement. For the most extravagant collection of watches I think I’ve ever seen. And as far as product shots go, this one is a pretty elaborate example.

To celebrate the Chinese year of the Dragon (very cool), Piaget have blessed us with the Dragon & Phoenix themed (of what I assume to be) very expensive collection of timepieces.

With the help of a CG dragon and digitally mastered close ups, the advertisement exudes elegance, and is a treat for the eyes with a number of top quality product shots on show. Be sure to have a look!

You might catch my gaze locked to this four minute video, but I can assure you, you won’t catch me rocking one of these bad boys any time soon, not on my wage!

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Robert Broadbent
Thu 30 Aug 2012: 2:30pm

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