Dr.Who + Sherlock + VFX = WhoLock. (You heard!)

Dr.Who + Sherlock + VFX = WhoLock. (You heard!)

So all you fans of British TV Drama are in for quite the Holiday season, as we anticipate what is sure to be a gripping Dr Who Christmas Special and the first episode of the new series of Sherlock – all within a same week!

Here’s a cheeky Christmas treat for those of you who are fans of both programmes... through the wonderment of VFX this YouTube user/VFX renegade ‘John Smith’, has cleverly combined the two fictional realms into one. It’s time for ‘WhoLock’.

You’ll see the TARDIS make an untimely arrival at Baker Street and (for the best part) an authentic interaction between Smith and Cumberbatch.  One YouTube user kindly pointing out to the rest that “the doctor is cgi. anyone else notice?” just about  ‘HevLibTaco’, Just about.

This mash up video is a testament as to what can be done with some passion and knowledge in the field. Our online taster course tackles some doctor who footage, and if you’d like to discover how the doctor is brought to life, then sign up for 2014!  

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Ellen Payne
Fri 20 Dec 2013: 9:38am

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  • Mathias Røyrvik:

    It's a crime not to share the breakdown. ;-)

    Really shows how much you can do with some knowledge and a little footage. The work that went into this is just astounding.


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