Double it! Two Escape webinars on the horizon...

Double it! Two Escape webinars on the horizon...

It’s fair to say that we’re well known amongst the VFX community for our top quality online VFX content. When it comes to educating yourself in the realms of VFX, Escape Studios YouTube/VLE (Virtual Learning System) will more often than not be on your list of first stop offs for online tips.

We offer tutorials and webinars in a huge amount of fields and softwares, covering a massive spectrum of 2D and 3D techniques, and talking budding artists through a vast amount of components that are as an artist, essential to have within your VFX arsenal.

We have two particularly exciting online webinars on the horizon, the first is this week (15th April) and it’s with animation Legend Alex Williams, who worked on a number of huge projects during his time in the business, and the second – the following week (April 24th) is with compositor at Bluebolt Phillip Charles-Sweeting, who’ll be taking attendees through the elementary steps in rotoscoping as well as talking about his first jobs in the industry.

Registrations for these events are hitting huge numbers so far and we can’t wait for these two hosts to share their wisdom with the VFX community.

Have you registered for either yet? Remember, joining us for the webinar is free and you can get yourself involved at this link! See you there?


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Robert Broadbent
Tue 15 Apr 2014: 12:00pm

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  • SAVE:

    Now a day online VFX tutorial has just put it's leg toward the new era. Now this time VLE has new way to see the change of VFX world so it's great..

  • Jenny Pham:

    Hope, you share more information in this seminar, because I missed the opportunity to seminars

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