Dogboarding. Confused? So Were We.

Dogboarding. Confused? So Were We.

Something fun for a Friday. I'm sure most of you have seen this by now as it has been shared on lots of social networking sites. For those who haven't, here is a cool short film by the directing duo Daniels - called Dogboarding. It's a quirky, original idea and great fun to watch.

As you can see by watching the breakdown at the end, the production team used some very simple ideas and created a really effective piece of film, without the hudge budgets available to blockbuster film makers. And most importantly, no dogs were harmed in the making!

These are just some of the techniques we teach on our Compositing for Production course. The next course starting May 23rd will be mentored by MPC and there are still a few seats available. If you enjoyed Dogboarding and want some more inspiration, take a look at Puppets, Daniel's latest short.

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Fri 6 May 2011: 3:08pm

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