Do you have the right skills to land your dream job?

Thanks to everyone that responded to our graduate survey a few weeks ago. It uncovered some interesting thoughts on the industry and challenges you face getting into CG.

The majority of you thought you needed extra training after university to help land your dream job. And, although universities offer a life changing experience and help you become more independent, you agreed that they didn’t always have the resources to provide tailored skills needed for every industry.

We also found out that your main concern when leaving university was not having enough industry experience – something that was more worrying than paying back debts and the lack of jobs available.

Did you have a similar experience? Graduate site Graduate Elite has reported on the research if you’d like to see all the findings from the survey.

Thanks again to all those that helped out.

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Isabelle Duarte
Tue 15 Jun 2010: 10:54pm

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