Do you dream of becoming a VFX artist?

Do you dream of becoming a VFX artist?

Ever found yourself pondering over a possible career in VFX? We’ve all had those moments when we’ve seen some awesome CG visuals and thought ‘how did they do that?’ The people who created these effects all started out somewhere, and that starting point is usually the time they started learning the tools they needed to get the job done.

We’re holding one day VFX trial sessions for one week in September, designed to show you what it takes to work as an artist in the CG industry. The wizardry you see on screen is generated from a mix of creative flare and technical skill. And these are skills that we can teach you.

On one of these sessions we will cover the principles behind visual effects, show you around the Maya interface and the kind of projects you’ll be set throughout a 12-week VFX course. And most importantly, we will discuss how you can work on that essential showreel, to help you on your way to that first job.

So you can secure that first industry job, we’re here to help you harness and nurture your creative ability whilst teaching you the technical skills at the heart of every CG shot.

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Fri 31 Aug 2012: 6:00pm

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