Dneg Champion ICT in Schools

Dneg Champion ICT in Schools

It is exciting to see Double Negative lead the charge for the VFX houses, getting on board with Next Gen Skills and being extremely vocal in their support.

Here, Nicola Hoyle VFX Supervisor from Double Negative speaks to the BBC about her role, how she got into the industry and what people Dneg want to employ.

It is vitally beneficial to get the message out, that if they also have the right ICT skills, school children can eventually work for a great company, and contribute to make fantastic films in this fast growing industry.

Last month the Next Gen Skills lobby led by Ian Livingstone, moved the current UK government to rethink its attitude toward Information & computer technology (ICT) and force the Education department to reengage in this vital part of the curriculum.

Big players in the industry joined forces and weighed-in, including Google, Facebook, Guardian Media & Sport and TalkTalk, forcing them to listen, or at least we hope they did, as the government’s response actually came from the Department of Culture, Media & Sport not Education.

It is a shame that it takes Google Chairman Eric Schmidt to say in a recent lecture that, "Your IT curriculum focuses on teaching how to use software, but gives no insight into how it's made. That is just throwing away your great computing heritage.", for David Cameron to pay attention and take note.

Now that Ofsted have officially reported that the teaching of databases and programming is poor, many children learn more outside of the classroom, and the number of students sitting the GCSE in ICT has fallen by 64% from 2007, surely the government must wake up and stop the rot.

If you would like to get behind the Next Gen Skills campaign sign up on their website, remember the next generation’s future is our future too…

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