DNeg adopt NVIDIA GPU-based render farm

DNeg adopt NVIDIA GPU-based render farm

GPU-rendering technology is starting to gain momentum as more studios are incorporating NVIDIA’s GPU technology into their pipelines. Always one to take advantage of new technology, DNeg have developed their own GPU-based render farm to speed up their production.

They've used NVIDIA’s GPU technology to move their fluid simulation system, known as “Squirt” onto a specialised GPU farm, giving them up to 20X performance increase versus the CPU platform, which is pretty impressive stuff. The project took 6 month of R&D effort, to optimise Squirt to leverage NVIDIA CUDA’s parallel computing architecture to make it all happen.
Now DNeg have a specialised GPU farm for their fluid solver, which means artists can get their simulations back much faster, without any impact to their workflows. Dan Bailey, the lead GPU developer sums it up pretty well:
By default, fluid simulations are now sent to a specialised GPU farm, affording the artists more time to iterate and ramp up the complexity of a shot to achieve a more believable result for the big screen.
If you’re a smaller studio or don’t have the resources to develop your own platform, there are off-the-shelf systems like the Venom that also use NVIDIA’s CUDA technology to integrate GPU-rendering into your pipelines. You can find out more here.
You can check out the full DNeg story here.


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