DIY 007

DIY 007

Want to build your own Bond car? Today may be your lucky day. The Aston Martin DB5 used in Skyfall seems like a pretty expensive car to blow up a good couple of times, which is why it isn’t a DB5 that you see blown to smithereens.

A number of 1:3 scale models of the Aston Martin DB5 were created by 3D print wizards, Voxeljet and then sent off to UK prop design company PropShop to add the finishing touches.

Now, I know the DB5’s for Skyfall weren’t big enough to drive but surely in the future we will all be able to use a 3D printer to create our favourite car.

I shotgun the Batmobile!!

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Olivia Grout
Wed 14 Nov 2012: 5:30pm

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