Disney Research showcases facial-capture technology at SIGGRAPH

Disney Research showcases facial-capture technology at SIGGRAPH

So as many of you will know, SIGGRAPH was in full swing last week, where the nerdy world of CGI congregate in LA to share innovations, lectures and an incredible amount of boasting. SIGGRAPH is the Official Conference and Exhibition on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques, where leading personnel and companies in the CGI world get together and share what's been going on for them in the past and will be in the future.

One thing I found interesting that has come out of SIGGRAPH this year is something Disney has been working on. Disney Research has shown a number of new innovations this year but perhaps the most interesting is the technology in their latest area of interest - the human face.

The group has presented two new facial-capture technologies, with one of the major improvements on previous capture processes being the ability to recreate facial hair and even determine the skin underneath facial hair. Using this they create ultra-realistic 3D models and they've even dabbled in a bit of animatronic work. The results as I'm sure you'll agree are pretty good - and just a bit creepy as well. Did someone say I, Robot?

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