Disney Fever!

Disney Fever!

For some reason I’ve come over all Disney this week

There is a strong possibility that a trip to the Disney Store at Covent Garden on Saturday might have something to do with this sudden urge to connect with my childhood. I was helping a visiting friend find a souvenir for her grandson and would be lying if I said that the big kid in me didn’t wish I was 5 years old again so I could fit into that Minnie Mouse tutu or those Donald Duck flip flops!

So, it was with great delight that I stumbled over the website for the Walt Disney Museum in San Francisco. With Mickey’s Mouse-a-Thon playing throughout March, a hands-on master class on stop motion puppet performance this coming Saturday and two special exhibits running until the end of April there’s something for everyone. Shame it’s on the wrong side of the Atlantic for me, but it’s certainly one to add to the ever increasing ‘travel bucket list’…

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Tue 12 Mar 2013: 5:10pm

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