Discover the Artist Within… at the 2D – 3D Showdown!

Discover the Artist Within… at the 2D – 3D Showdown!

What sets 2D and 3D visual effect artists apart? Most would say, not a lot. Both teams of artists are necessary in the creation of stunning CG visuals. But have you ever wondered why someone would choose one path over another? What makes the ultimate Compositor or 3D VFX artist?

To find out, you need to join the live 2D - 3D showdown next Tuesday, 11th December 2012. During this live event you can witness Head of 2D Davi Stein and Head of 3D Mark Spevick discuss the roles they play in the production of a VFX shot. And maybe you’ll get to see a streak of their competitive side in the process.

We’re not suggesting one role is better than the other, both are equally important in the overall process. But the challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to decide what CG department best suits you, your interests and current skill set. This is half the battle of becoming a pro in the industry.

The live showdown can be attended both in the classroom and online. Places for both are limited and will be filling up fast. To avoid disappointment book your place now!

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