Disability Policy

Escape Studios is committed to providing equal opportunities for disabled staff and students and aims to create an environment which enables them to participate fully in the mainstream of studio life. For the purposes of this policy, disability is understood in the broadest sense and, in addition to mobility and sensory impairments includes mental health problems, specific learning difficulties and medical conditions which may have an impact on day-to-day activities. This policy also extends to members of the public using studio premises.
The Aim of this policy is that where practical all reasonable adjustments will be made to ensure that;

  • disabled staff and students have access to the appropriate support and adaptations to enable them to be fully included in the life of the studio;
  • the views of the individual student or member of staff are taken into account at all times when their requirements are being assessed;
  • members of staff working with disabled people, either as colleagues or as students, have appropriate information and support;
  • the studio takes steps to enable staff and students who become disabled during their time at the studio to continue in their chosen career or course of study;
  • disabled members of the public can fully participate in public events held on studio premises;
  • studio premises are made accessible and safe for disabled people.

If you are considering studying at Escape Studios and would like to discuss any questions or requirements that you may have in relation to our Disability Policy please email us and mark it for the attention of Emma Lee, our Head of Student Experience.
We also encourage anybody considering studying at Escape Studios to attend an Open Day, which includes a tour of the facilities and opportunity to speak one on one with a training advisor. If you would prefer to speak to our Training Operations Manager, in person, please mention it when you book your place and we will arrange a convenient time after the presentation and tour for you to do so.