Denmark Invasion!

Denmark Invasion!

Escape takes on a decidedly Nordic air…

We’ve had the pleasure of welcoming 3D College Denmark to our studios this week. Over the last two days the college’s first year VFX and Game Art students have arrived in their droves, eager to find out what delights await them should they decide to continue their studies here after they complete their current courses. The poor guy on the main reception didn’t know what hit him! 

Chaperoned by the college’s Senior Advisor/Associate Professor Jacob Honore, the guys and girls joined the Academy Tour yesterday and were lucky enough to catch our guest speaker Simon Richardson in action before taking a peak into one of our Accelerated Classroom sessions.

I have to say I was rather taken by the cool jackets the students were wearing; I’m hoping I might be able to sweet talk Professor Honore into sending me one! 

Ladies medium size if you’re reading this Jacob…

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