Delving into the Imaginarium that is... Life of Pi

For those of you who have read this novel you have probably already conjured up your own vibrant images from deep within your own imagination - for those who haven't I would recommend reading it. However by the sound of things in a review I found, it sounds as though the legendary Ang Lee (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Brokeback Mountain) has taken the hard work out of it - painting an incredible living, breathing picture.

Using stunning visual effects techniques to bring the story to life of a young boy set adrift on a life raft with only a tiger for company, Ang Lee charts his progress in a nautical and spiritual journey across the sea. And with a strong team of VFX artists at his side, there was very little room for Ang Lee to fail in this production. Instead the results are simply stunning.

I look forward to seeing it and hope it signals that more artistically driven filmmakers continue to experiment with VFX techniques to tell meaningful stories like this. Because if this film is anything to go by, the imagination can truly be brought to life, making the impossible a little more believable each time. VFX doesn't always have to be about blowing stuff up!

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Tue 27 Nov 2012: 11:00am

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