Dedication Required

Dedication Required

Ever wondered how much you change in the space of 4.5 years? Would you take a photo of yourself every single day and then animate it?

The anonymous internet moniker and social media magician "clickflashwhirr" has monitored exactly how her appearance has changed by logging a daily photograph of herself. With the series of images beginning in September 2006 the posts continue to update and log her progress online with a yearly time-lapse video.

The anonymous female has collected many Twitter and Facebook followers and has opened herself up to mass criticism. She is the inspiration behind the Flickr Project 365 group where members upload a photo of themselves every day for a year.

Whether you admire her courage, envy her confidence or deem her as narcissistic it’s really cool to see in the space of 41 seconds just how much one person’s appearance changes over a year.

We applaud her dedication and patience to produce it…I’m not sure if I could remember to take one photo of myself every single day for 4.5 years. Check it out and make up your own mind… we think it's really fun!

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mark spevick
Thu 10 May 2012: 12:30pm

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  • Olivia Grout:

    Hi Greg,

    The clickflashwhirr video really reminds me of a intense and shortened version of the documentary series 7 Up. And the link you have is dead cool. Thanks for sharing it!!


  • Greg:

    It is really cool, but I prefer when the photos show more than the change in someone's face. This series has always been a favourite of mine - really shows the (somewhat edited) life story of her

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