Darth Vader Moves into the The Magic Kingdom

"I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced."

Ok...ok it's wasn't THAT dramatic but the news was pretty huge.  

Last Tuesday, Nerds around the Globe beeped and booped when they heard that George Lucas had decided to sell his Studio, Lucasfilm to the Walt Disney Company for 4 Billion (with a B) dollars.  The deal includes ILM and Skywalker Sound along with the rights to arguably the most well known Sci-fi franchises; Star Wars.

What will Disney do with Star Wars you ask? Well Disney wasted no time in announcing that they will be moving forward with a brand new Episode VII for 2015 (VIII and IX to follow).  So is this a win for all Nerdom? Or are you shuttering at the thought of a jedi Donald Duck?  

Personally, I think this a huge win for fans of the franchise.  Not only do we get more Star Wars (hopefully minus Jar Jar) but we get to experience new creative visions of this epic universe.  Who would you like to see pen the next Star Wars?  Who would you like to see take the Directing helm? 

Joss Whedon directs Episode VII, who's with me? 

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Jason Carrasco
Tue 6 Nov 2012: 8:22pm


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