CVMP - Call for Short Papers

Those of you who see themselves as techno geeks and like to keep up with the latest research and developments in media production will want to check out this year’s CVMP conference.

The event has a great line up of top R&D speakers from companies like The Foundry and MPC, who will be talking about best industry practices, new technologies and advancements. Looks like there will be some interesting and serious topics covered. They are planning to look at scientific research and industry practices and how these can improve and change what is being done today.

If you think you have something to contribute you can even submit a Short Paper on the CVMP website - deadline for this is Monday 4th of October. If you are interested in attending, there is an early bird offer on registrations, if you register before 17th October.

Check out more information here.

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Mark Cass
Thu 26 Aug 2010: 10:18am

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