CVMP 2012 - Reflections (and Refractions)...Part Two!

CVMP 2012 - Reflections (and Refractions)...Part Two!

CVMP 2012 - Reflections (and Refractions)...Part Two!

So we shall pick up from where we left off in my previous blog, Reflections (and Refractions) from CVMP 2012 part one.

Other highlights included the work presented by John Zubrzycki (BBC R&D) on the colossal technical challenges of the Ultra HD (8k) broadcast for the Olympics – with data rates of 24 GB per second, as well as some discussion on the “sweet spot” of 300 FPS for the next generation of HFR production.

Alex Seaman of DNeg, gave a wonderful presentation showcasing the staggering amount of R&D that can sometimes be necessary to respond to the creative briefs that film production can breed.

Hannes Appel’s self-deprecating and insightful glimpse at the potential and somewhat perplexing (to a non-gamer) world of games was breathtaking – from a technical perspective. The Crytek Cinebox opens some incredible opportunities, in a similar vein to Valve’ s ‘Source Filmmaker’ package. There is quite obviously a vast potential in leveraging the tech of the games industry for a more erudite visual vernacular, we will wait to see if gaming can ever grow up and fulfil its cultural potential . . .

Kinect popped up in many presentations, so it was impressive to see just how far Microsoft have been pushing their own envelope, with Shahram Izadi’s work demonstrating that with higher resolution comes more detailed results. Working with stereo 8M cameras with duel RGB and IR sensors created some impressive results.

Mark Wilson (Framestore) demonstrated just how integral a ‘Post house’ now is in capturing, managing and utilizing the vast quantity of data generated throughout production and combining it all to make truly stunning shots. His talk illustrated the reality that ‘principal photography’ is now only one of a multitude of critical ingredients that are recorded each with a minute attention to detail. They are then seamlessly blended together to create the delights of cutting edge VFX’s work.

Overall the quality of the work was only matched by the quantity. I was left with a dizzying sense of the potential gains that are just over the horizon, visible only to those who know where to look, and those who attended CVMP 2012. See you next year.

Hugo Glover is the Senior Lecturer in Motion Graphics and Animation Design from the Department of Media & Communication at The University of Northumbria.

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