CVMP 2012 – Final Call For Papers

CVMP 2012 – Final Call For Papers

Do you have a high-quality paper that demonstrates research or work related to media production? If the answer is yes, then now is the time to present it at CVMP 2012. The Best Student Paper prize is being sponsored by Google and the award is a very substantial £2,000.

CVMP is held in cooperation with ACM SIGGRAPH, ACM SIGMM and Eurographics. CVMP papers will be published by ACM as part of their International Conference Proceedings Series. The top 10% of accepted papers at CVMP 2012 will be invited to submit extended papers to IEEE Transactions on Multimedia.

The deadline for full papers is fast approaching. With only two weeks remaining you need to get your submission in by 11th June 2012.

For more information about online submission, please go to the CVMP website.

Papers can cover a range of areas of visual media production, such as:

  • Image and video based modelling
  • 3D video capture
Camera tracking
  • Multiple view reconstruction
  • Video-based human motion capture
  • Video-based animation
Scene modelling
  • High-dynamic range imaging
  • Illumination and reflectance modelling
  • Photo-realistic rendering & animation
  • Relighting images and video
Motion Estimation
  • Segmentation and matting
  • Stereo and 3D video processing
  • Infilling, object removal and insertion
  • Image and video synthesis
Image annotation and classification
  • Image enhancement and restoration
  • Stylisation and cartoon rendering
  • High-dynamic range imaging
Novel imaging devices
  • Omni-directional video
3D and stereo production
  • Visual effects
Interactive media and games
  • 3D-TV
TV, film and e-cinema
  • Content management systems
  • Real-time imaging systems
  • Post production using 3D and motion
  • Multiple camera systems
  • Pre-visualisation

This is just a list of suggestions to help you get an idea of the kind of topics these guys are looking for. You don't necessarily need to stick to this list.

Best of luck to all of you who enter this, and if your paper is accepted, please let us know. We'd love to hear about it.

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