Creative Interpretations of the London Tube Map

I travel on the underground every day on my journey to and from work, and unless there are disruptions on my route, I rarely need to examine the tube map. Over the weekend, while surfing the net, I came across this really cool 3D version of the map, which is such a simple but effective idea. In this video you can see a time lapse of the map being made from nails and coloured string. It’s so simple any one of us could have a go at making it. In fact it would make a very thoughtful housewarming gift for anyone moving to London.

The London tube map has inspired many artistic interpretations, and since 2004 has had leading contemporary artists create and exhibit their work for the front cover of the pocket map. You can check out the most recent covers here.

I really like the idea behind the nail and string map and tonight when I’m travelling home, I'll take a minute to remember how a line of red string resembles my route home.

Can you see your stop in the picture?  

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Emanuela Ferrante
Tue 27 Mar 2012: 10:40am

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  • Ant:

    The Great Bear (1992) Simon Patterson

    Makes as much sense as Shrigley's squiggle map

  • Dan Coffey:

    Hi Emanuela,
    thanks for the kind words, glad you like my work!

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