• November’s Free Tutorial: Confessions of a Junior Compositor

Confessions of a Junior Compositor

What inspires an artist to enter into a career in VFX? Of course everyone’s situation is different, but more often than not it’s a movie, commercial or television show they watched in their youth. Or in the case of Simon Richardson, Escapee and Junior Compositor at The Mill, the inspiration came from his first introduction to some basic compositing techniques inside Adobe’s After Effects. And it was from here that Simon went on to conquer NUKE, the industry standard compositing tool, to then work at one of the biggest VFX studios in the world.

In this month’s free tutorial, Simon reveals both his creative background and motivations to becoming a Junior Compositor, as well as demonstrating a basic keying technique that harnesses a node-based workflow in NUKE.

Tutorial Highlights:

  • From the classroom to Framestore to The Mill in less than a year
  • Why Adobe software tools are a great place to start for any CG artist
  • Fine tuning your creative eye
  • Basic keying technique transferable between After Effects & NUKE
  • Showreel tips for that first step on the career ladder

To discover how you too could embark on a similar path, check out this tutorial, perfect for budding Compositors.


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