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Compositing - The C Word

Compositors are the masters of make-believe. Responsible for composing the final image by combining layers of existing materials in a visual effects or motion picture sequence, this is the process of creating the illusion of reality - using invisible effects that make the impossible, possible! Once each visual element is combined from the separate sources, the final image creates the illusion that each part comes from the same scene.

The Compositors role

Compositors are the final stage in the VFX pipeline. They collect together assets and elements from all the other artists and combine them together to create the final image you see on screen. They are the magicians behind visual effects; spending their time making things appear and disappear, transporting people from one place to another, and tricking the audience into believing that what they see before them is real. 

Intrigued? Why not take a test drive in Compositing and try a Taster Day to see if you've got what it takes work in this vital area of VFX.

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In the meantime whet your appetite and check out this webinar from Davi Stein; Head of 2D at Escape Studios,  who walks you through the finer points of compositing and what it takes to make it in the world of 2D VFX!

We have a range of Compositing courses on offer to ensure whatever your work and family commitments there is a course that will suit you:

  • Compositing for Visual Effects taster course
  • 1 day
  • Compositing for Visual Effects
  • 12 weeks
  • Advanced Compositing for Visual Effects
  • 18 weeks
  • Postgraduate Certificate (PgCert) Compositing for Visual Effects
  • 22 weeks
  • Masters (MA) Visual Effects Production (Compositing route)
  • 11 months
  • Compositing for Visual Effects
  • 20 weeks
  • Compositing for Visual Effects online taster
  • 2 weeks
  • Compositing for Visual Effects online course
  • 40 weeks