Compositing Project: Enchanting Rupert

Compositing Project: Enchanting Rupert

A few weeks back, August 14th, we said our farewells to another class of Compositing graduates, ready to embark on a professional career in VFX. An exciting day for all involved, we had the opportunity to check out their end of course projects. Presented to tutors as well as fellow students, each project got some constructive feedback from the pros on where improvements could be made, and where their talents excelled.

The exciting thing about these particular course projects was that they got to work on an external film project called Enchanting Rupert. Written and produced by Jan Maroske, and directed by Rainer Niermann, this film is a modern romantic fairy tale that tells the story of Rupert, a quirky and somewhat average looking young man who fails spectacularly to impress the beautiful Cindy. Desperate to make an impact, he accepts the offer of a rather unusual homeless man, claiming to be his Fairy Godmother. Following some strange events, Rupert soon finds out, what you wish for might not be what you really want.

Under the supervision of compositing tutor Ryan Mullany, these escapees worked principally on the crucial party scene as well as a number of other shots. Rainer commented on their work by saying, “the students - as well as tutors Ryan and Davi Stein - did a fantastic job, providing great support for Jan, the project's chief visual-effects creator, just as the rest of the ‘Enchanting Rupert’ team were eager to push the visual quality as far as possible.”

Below are just a few of the shots that the class worked on…

Original shot - Manipulating the shot so that the heel of the black shoe actually stomps on the red shoe.

Final Shot

Original shot - removing the reflection on the spectacles

Final shot

Original shot

Final shot - set extension where the students expanded the frame by about 10 to 15 percent and rebuilt the ceiling in the process

A massive congratulations to all the Escape students involved, their first taste of working on a project in a professional capacity.

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