Free Nuke Tutorial Bonus Pack

Free Nuke Tutorial Bonus Pack

Most of you who keep up with industry news will know that compositing skills - in particular NUKE skills - are in very high demand at the moment. There are more jobs out there than candidates, and we have never had so many compositing students studying with us.

Trawling websites for good quality tutorials can be time consuming, and since teaching compositing is what I do every day, I thought I'd put together a special pack of goodies to help budding compositors.

This month, in addition to our usual free tutorial, I am also giving away the video of the 'Key Concepts in Compositing' webinar which I ran a few weeks back. Both the tutorial and the webinar video contain essential tips used by professional artists on a daily basis.

NUKE Tutorial - Building a Custom LightWrap
September's free tutorial looks at light wraps and how building your own custom setups can often deliver better results than when using the standard LightWrap node in NUKE. This is a technique used by pros when compositing and it allows for a bright background element to seemingly affect the objects in the foreground by wrapping light around their edges. Without it, the integration of foreground elements can become limited and the composition will often fails. This really is a must-have tutorial for all compositors who want to perfect their skills and techniques.

Bonus Webinar Video - Key Concepts in Compositing
Getting to grips with some of the concepts in compositing is no easy feat, especially when there are so many other technical skills to understand and master. In this webinar, I will explain the key concepts used by professionals in the industry and will reveal my top tips on good working practices.

Accessing the Tutorial & Webinar Video
If you have never created an account on our website, you'll need to register here first. Once you've registered - or if you're already registered on our site Sign in and click here for the tutorial or here for the webinar video.

Let Me Know What You Think
I'll be working on more new tutorials with the rest of the tutors here at Escape Studios, so if you have an idea or think that you might be able to share some of your expertise with our online community, just drop me a line.

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Davi Stein
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  • Prakash:

    Thanks a lot for the great tutorial and the webinar

  • Gourish:

    i was waiting for something like this...

  • Leandro Vázquez:

    Thank´s this is a great opportunity to try and taste more deep on how this tutorials works

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