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Compositing For Visual Effects – Full-time Course

This course is Perfect…

  • If you want hands-on training from industry professionals who've come from the leading VFX studios
  • If you have a real eye for detail, photo-realism and love Photoshop
  • If you're looking to learn real-world VFX production skills and gain industry recognised NUKE training
  • If you’re passionate about creating prefect images that look so real the VFX is invisible
  • If you're an aspiring VFX artist or filmmaker wanting to enhance your work and film projects
  • If you're a student or graduate preparing for the job market and want to work in a creative industry
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Course Includes

  • A free online primer course before you start studying - so your foundation skills are up to speed
  • Access to Escape’s unique online learning platform
  • Access to our VLE system where you will be able to access additional resources to supplement your training throughout the duration of the course and 12 months of free access after completing the course.
  • Escape Aftercare and career support.
  • Help and advice on your CV, showreel and job applications

Course Details

London, UK
Full-time, Mon – Fri, 10am-5pm,
12 Weeks
Start Dates:
  • November 17th 2014
  • February 23rd 2015
Nuke, Silhouette
Early Bird Discount:
Save £1,000 when you pay in full 3 months before the course starts

Become the finished article in just 12 weeks


Compositors are the masters of make-believe. Responsible for composing the final image in a visual effects or motion picture sequence, this is the process where we create the illusion of reality - creating invisible effects that make the impossible, possible!

Without compositing, we’d be looking at the gaudy wires that support actors during action sequences, or shots lacking in any kind of atmosphere or composition. As a Compositor, you’re the person who makes sure the shot meets the artistic brief set by the Director. You’re the person who naturally looks at the finer detail, checking whether that ‘minute detail’ looks right in the scene - and if not, why not? This department is where the real magic happens through a variety of creative and technical processes; and it takes highly skilled, creative individuals to make it happen.

On our Compositing for Production course, you’ll learn the software and a multitude of compositing techniques in just 12 weeks. In the first six weeks we cover rotoscoping, rig removal, paint prep techniques, colour balance, mastering 2D and planar tracking and how to create detailed keys of a shot. In the last six weeks, you’ll work with NUKE's 3D projection system, camera tracking and how to integrate CG render passes into live action backgrounds.

To finish the course you’ll be set a practical assignment designed to showcase your new studio-ready skills.

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Success stories

Ana de Almeida Pereira

Compositing For Visual Effects – Full-time Course

Ana de Almeida Pereira

Escapee Ana De Almeida Pereira speaks with us about finishing our Compositing for VFX course and what inspired her to pursue a career in VFX.

NAME: Ana de Almeida Pereira

COMPANY: Weta Digital

COURSE STUDIED: Compositing for VFX

FAVOURITE MOVIE ONE LINER: “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it”. Ferris - Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

PROJECTS: I’ve got lots of favourites. Bourne Ultimatum because it was my first proper Compositing project as well as being both challenging and fun. Dark Knight and Sorcerer's Apprentice were two shows where I got to learn a lot. “The Dragon” sequence on the last Harry Potter was one of my favourites because of the work and the great team I worked with. Prometheus was my first show working with Deep Compositing at Weta, which was a bit of a landmark as well and of course I really enjoyed ‘Iron Man 3’. That was good fun!

WHY VFX: It was growing up with classical films like ET, Blade Runner, Neverending Story, Legend, among others. I loved fantastic storytelling and the idea of being able to create all these imaginative new worlds and concepts always fascinated me. It wasn't an obvious path when you come from a country with no VFX industry and I worked in theatre for many years instead before actually going to Escape.

THE COURSE: I really enjoyed it, our tutor was brilliant and we ended up working in the same company a while later which was funny. In that particular class we would start the sessions by watching documentaries of how VFX were done for films like Superman etc., which would give us some really good insights into the FX world, and after we would jump into the technical nitty gritty of compositing.

WHAT DO YOUR FRIENDS & FAMILY THINK? They are really interested and always want to know what film I'm working on and if I’ve met anyone famous. Unfortunately, I don’t really get to meet with many famous people in my role, but I do get to work on really fun projects, many of which they’ve heard of. I often have to explain exactly what my job entails, as most people have no idea about how widespread VFX work can be and that it's not always confined to blockbuster movies. Some myths need to be broken.

ADVICE?  When starting out in Compositing I recommend that you always try to observe, study and listen. There are as many ways to approach Compositing as there are Compositors and you can learn so much from the people around you. But the biggest piece of advice I can offer is to remind yourself from time to time "it's only a film." When the pressure mounts and you feel exhausted or you are stuck and can't make something work, you need to pause and step out of the situation. Even if it's 3am and you have a deadline.

Carlos de la Sotilla

Compositing For Visual Effects – Full-time Course

Carlos de la Sotilla

Escapee Carlos de la Sotilla speaks to us about his career highlights since studying with us in 2011.

The Formula to success…

When we caught up with Carlos de la Sotilla he celebrated how Escape offered him all the necessary tools to open the door to the VFX industry, but that a lot of hard work and passion was needed too. Emphasising hard work and determination, these were the words of wisdom Carlos would share with our fresh faced new students.

In the 2 years Carlos has been working in the film industry, he has really ‘put the oar in’, as they say, and has been enjoying the fruits of his labour – covering the genre spectrum on a number of different projects.

Having started off his artistic career storyboarding, in early 2011 he made the leap to come to Escape and commence his studies our 12 week compositing courses.

After graduating he soon landed a job through our well-oiled engine of a recruitment team – compositing for the same movie he had storyboarded for just some months previously!  

“Having the opportunity to experience the pre-production and post-production process was a real joy, and I must say since finishing at Escape I haven't stopped working. Escape has definitely been a very good and valuable choice.”

Since then Carlos has worked for Soho based Double Negative, applying his skills to the latest action packed instalment of James Bond ‘Skyfall’ and recently has earned the opportunity to work as a VFX assistant on set for an independent movie called ‘Grand Piano’. Elijah Wood and John Cusack, are just a couple of the names involved. Not bad eh?   

Speaking in reflection of the past 12 months Carlos explains,

“I would say it has been a year of my life where I have worked hardest, but having worked on so many movies in such a short time it has been the most interesting and exciting year at the same time”.

What a roaring success – great to hear that Carlos is doing so well. But we want to know, should you be up here? If you were a student here, drop us a line and let us know what you’re doing now!  

Open Days

Open days

Our Open Days often feature guest industry speakers, so you can get a real insight into what life is like as a VFX Artist. Watch this space for more information on when our next industry guest will be joining us and also when our next Open Days will be taking place. If you'd prefer a more personal experience, you can also attend our studios for a 1-2-1 meeting with a member of our admissions team, just click here to Book a 1-2-1 session.

Join us at our London campus to:

  • Learn about the specialised jobs in VFX and Compositing
  • Understand the course options which suit you
  • Be a fly-on-the-wall in one of our classroom courses
  • Review successful student reels
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