Compositing Escapee: Carlos de la Sotilla

Compositing Escapee: Carlos de la Sotilla

Taking the leap from Storyboard Artist to Compositor is no easy feat at the best of time. Well what if I was to tell you that recent escapee, Carlos de la Sotilla, managed it in less than 2 years.

Carlos reflects on the last two years as a time where he’s never worked harder. And we're delighted to learn that this difficult slog was by no means a waste of his energy. Since finishing at Escape, Carlos has gone on to work on a number of popular movies, including the most recent Skyfall. He’s also looking forward to working on a new project with some pretty big names attached, including Elijah Wood and John Cusack.

A massive congratulations to Carlos on all his achievements so far, and we look forward to seeing where his career takes him next. Finding some light at the end of the tunnel, Carlos has finally reached a place in his career where he can truly immerse his creative talent.

You can find out more about Carlos here, and if you’re interested in learning more about the compositing course he studied with us, please get in touch with our training team.

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