Compositing Escapee Carlos Conceicao Gets Internship at The Foundry

Compositing Escapee Carlos Conceicao Gets Internship at The Foundry

I'm really pleased to bring you a first look at one of our student's work from our new Compositing Professional 18-week course. Carlos finished the course in August and after taking a well earned short break he has already secured an internship working as a Paint Artist on MARI at The Foundry.

This Compositing Professional course was our first opportunity to bring MARI into one of our courses and I'm really pleased to see students already reaping the benefits. As well as MARI, they covered the 3D workflow with Maya and an introduction to stereo compositing. Although this reel is still 'work in progress' we're really pleased to see how far Carlos was able to progress in 18 weeks.

Carlos Conceicao WIP Compositing Pro ShowReel 2011 from gladxrt on Vimeo.

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Paul Wilkes
Wed 28 Sep 2011: 9:26am

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  • Carlos Conceicao:

    Thank you very much Escape Studios for the great Comp Pro course that was build. Special thanks to our wonderful teachers Davi, Ryan, Simon, Gideon and Lee for taking care of this amazing group of students that I can call now big friends. It was very special for me to be part of this debut course, I think it will be even better for the next Escapees.
    My journey at The Foundry is going full throttle, I'm speeding up using Mari and at totally convinced that this tool is going to rock in the next few years, for both 3D and 2D worlds. Team is amazing, place is the best, a dream come true, and believe me, this guys are writing history every day, every line of code! Seat back and watch!

    Carlos Conceicao

  • David:

    Awesome Carlos!!

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