Communicating with BLA BLA

Communicating with BLA BLA

You've got to hand it to Vincent Morisset, he's one pretty cool dude. His collaboration with Arcade Fire in the making of an interactive music video for their song, "Neon Bible", has created something completely different from the norm. I've never had so much fun just clicking a mouse! 

I first heard of him through Carmen Salas Pino, who incidentally is The Festival Director of Alpha-ville (The International Festival of Post-Digital Culture). Through Alpha-ville, I have had a good look into a whole world of creative genius including The London Design Festival that took place in September.

Now, maybe I'm just a big kid, but when they showed me Vincent's interactive tale, BLA BLA, produced by the National Film Board of Canada, I loved it! I thought the expressions on the character's face were a brilliant exploration of human characteristics and reactions. The look of simplicity is wonderful but the actual technology side of it is more complicated. The characters were designed by Caroline Robert using computer animation methods such as ActionScript-generated animations and real-time 3D mapping combined with puppet stop-motion, traditional animation and xerography. 

With the Alpha-ville screening tomorrow, why not join the moving image double bill at Hackney Picturehouse from 2pm to 6pm including films by Semiconductor, Quayola & Atken, and Atsushi Wada for some digital eye-candy.

This will be followed by a showcase of audiovisual performances exploring the relationship between electronic music, digital art and visual practices at the Hackney Empire theatre presenting the London premiere of the collaboration between Murcof and AntiVJ, an intimate solo by The Field and a full AV show by Byetone. More info and tickets.

Autodesk, have released the new 2013 Digital Entertainment Creation software for film, TV and game Production, allowing digital designers to reach new heights of creativity. Clearly the digital culture is fast pushing the boundaries of entertainment and I can't wait to see what's to come! 

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