Coaching Diary – A day in the Life of a Compositor at Framestore

Coaching Diary – A day in the Life of a Compositor at Framestore

One foggy day in London town, a gaggle of our compositing students congregated for coffee at Oxford Circus.

Once the caffeine had kicked in, they decided they were ready to head off to their destination: post-house Framestore.  Admittedly, they all looked a little nervous as they sat in the trendy reception area, even though this time it was for a tour and not a critique of their work. As the official industry coach for our latest Compositing Course, Framestore regularly review the work of the class and give constructive feedback on how they can best improve their reel. This time however, our students were getting a personal view into the working life of real artists working in the industry. John Seymour, one of the escapees who went along, wrote up an account of his visit.

"It’s no secret that Framestore is one of the UK's biggest post production houses for film and advertising so to be given a tour of their facilities was pretty incredible. They are also coaching our Compositing Course, which means they give us feedback on our work which is so helpful.

We started off our tour in the waiting room and then headed upstairs to the 2D department where a couple of the artists there spoke to us about their experiences. They explained how they came in as runners and how they progressed up the ladder within Framestore. You could see how passionate they all are about what they do which was great to see. Nobody looked miserable! We then walked through the 3D department and saw some artists animating puppies in the background – surreal but cool.

Next stop was a chat with one of the special effects artists; he ran through some compositing done completely without CG. This was to show us that smaller budget adverts may not always use CG and rely on reality instead. He showed how they built a TV catapult to literally launch TV’s in the air and how they then added screens in afterwards in post. This was definitely an eye opener, and showed that conventional methods are still used just as much as CGI.

After a Q&A with the artist we moved on to the telecine department, which is basically a huge room with no lights in except for one behind the monitor. Everything in the room is planned to not affect the colour of the screens and the suites really are special! The guy we spoke to said that it’s always a compromise as everyone’s perception of colour is completely different to everyone else’s and that we all have a different perception of beauty.

Overall – what a trip! An eye opener into what the industry is like and the environments they work in – huge thanks to Framestore and Miles for arranging, it was awesome."

If you’d like to find out more about our compositing courses and what you can expect to do as part of them, then why not click here. Or if you'd like to meet me in person for a chat, why not sign up for one of our Open Days Next month we are going to be running two special Open Days for Compositing and Animation - so sign up now to avoid disappointment.

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