CityEngine's London Event Wrap-up

CityEngine's London Event Wrap-up

Thank you to everyone who attended the CityEngine event last week, and to Procedural for giving us a sneak peak at the latest in procedural modelling technology (and for bringing lots of Swiss chocolate).

A special thank you to Marcel Reimer and Matthias Buehler whose architecture background proved really useful in showing us CityEngine from an artist’s perspective and how it’s used on actual projects.

A few interesting things came up during the presentations. A lot of our audience weren’t au fait with CityEngine, and were quite surprised by what it can actually do. Some artists even commented, that the tool is a lot more powerful than it seems, and particularly liked the fact that CityEngine is a standalone modelling tool, and can be very intuitive, flexible and easy to use - something that will be get more apparent in upcoming releases.

As well as leaving lots of delicious Swiss chocolate behind, Procedural have allowed us to extend the special Event Promotion until this Friday, giving anyone that purchases CityEngine Studio or CityEngine Pro a free Silver subscription (updates for one year).

If you missed the event and would like a trial copy or more info on the promo, get in touch.




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