CityEngine's a hit with Ministry of Sound

CityEngine's a hit with Ministry of Sound

Producing a city in the shape of a Ministry of Sound logo might seem like a pretty tough feat, but not for award-winning agency Fold 7 and freelance motion design director Paul Clements, who used CityEngine to do just that.

The team were tasked with producing a new commercial for Ministry of Sound album "Anthems - Electronic 80's 2", and used CityEngine and Cinema4D to produce a cool looking futuristic city complete with 80's style neon lights, and even used the final, high-resolution hero image for the 4-sided pamphlet.

Check out the ‘Making of’ Video, it gives you a great sneak peak at how the imported DXF of the Ministry of Sound logo formed the roadmap within CityEngine for the roads and buildings that would make up the city.

It’s all pretty neat, and just shows that you can really design cities in whatever shape and size you fancy. You can read the full story here.

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