Christoph Keller - Escape Speaker Feature!

Christoph Keller - Escape Speaker Feature!

We’ve had Senior Compositor at Double Negative Christoph Keller, speaking at Escape HQ today to a room full of keen VFX fans! Ahead of his visit I asked a few questions that are entirely unrelated to his job, because variety is the spice of life, right?

After working on a number of films, including Captain America, The Dark Knight Rises and Man of Steel, I thought I'd ask who Christoph's favourite Super Hero is. I had imagined that having worked on the VFX for these 3 juggernauts, one of them would have swayed his answer in either of their direction's.

To my surprise he answered "Mario, in Super Mario World 2, just for Yoshi" hear that Bruce Wayne? You've got nothing on a plumber and a miniature dinosaur! There truly is no school like the old school.

As well as "favourite snack?" (“Kinder Schoko Bons. But really, anything goes. I eat constantly” if you were wondering) I asked my killer question

"You are given the choice to sit down with anyone and watch anything you like, who would join you and what would you watch?" Expecting a high octane VFX movie on the box, and Clarke Kent on the sofa, I was caught off guard again as Christoph answered…

“I’d watch the Green Butchers” (I haven’t seen it either!) “With its writer/director Anders Thomas Jensen, hugging him throughout, because no one watches his movies, yet they’re so inhumanly good” An excellent answer, one I’m sure Anders Thomas Jensen will be happy with!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this peculiar insight into the tastes of one our industry speakers, if you were hoping for some more VFX related info, be sure to sign up to our next open day, where our presenters share their industry specific knowledge first hand!

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