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Chris Chadwick

Fill your VFX Boots

For Chris, the intriguing flame of VFX was sparked in 1991 by the cult classic, Terminator 2...

One of the first wow scenes I can remember was the T1000 liquid metal Terminator in Terminator 2, when he walked out of the fire after his truck exploded. I was like, ‘that's amazing! I would love to do stuff like that!”

Many years later, having established himself professionally as a graphic designer, Chris returned to this early dream. Fuelling the same flame lit by Arnie all those years ago, he took to streamlining his technical skills towards the VFX industry.

On his brother's recommendation he undertook a 6 week 'Maya Core' course at Escape Studios.

My brother suggested I take a look at Escape Studios, so I went to an open day, got some more info on the place, and read reviews on the internet. They all pointed towards how good a place it is to start, or to expand your current knowledge. It’s a highly respected school in the VFX industry!”

Today Chris works for Soho based post house Prime Focus, and since joining 5 months ago in March 2012, has worked on the latest edition of Resident Evil, (Resident Evil: Retribution) Vampire horror flick Byzantium, and last but not least, the 21st century recreation of Total Recall. The latter being a real highlight for this Sci-Fi loving Schwarzenegger fan.

As someone now experiencing all of this first hand, Chris explains to us why the VFX industry is one of the most exciting creative industries to be a part of today.

I get to work with some of the best talent in the industry. The people are amazing, inspiring and extremely hard working, it’s cool watching the shots you work on progress through the pipeline to final, and it’s always interesting see how everything is put together, plus I’m a huge film fan so just being a part of this business for me, is extremely satisfying”.

During his few months in the industry, Chris has been hard at work, stocking up his metaphorical VFX trophy cabinet, and we’re sure the next few years will bring him plenty more film related proverbial silverware.

As a closing note Chris offers some advice, to those thinking about following in his footsteps and jumping knees deep into the world of VFX.

“It’s never too late to learn and work in this industry, I was a graphic designer and never knew a great deal about the VFX pipeline, until I switched careers and moved down to London to train with Escape Studios. If you want to follow your dream, this is the place to do it!”