Check Out the Work of Our Character Animation Students

Check Out the Work of Our Character Animation Students

Character Animation can be a tricky business. The industry is full of talented, creative people who are passionate and dedicated about what they do and this means they often have lengthy careers at the same company they first started out at. So, getting your first break can be tough because when those job opportunities arise, standards are high and so are expectations. Your work really does have to stand out.

Companies and employers aren’t just looking for skill; they want to see a creative spark that they can nurture. Alex Williams, our Character Animation tutor understands this only too well and has made some very inspiring updates to our course which reflects what the industry wants to see from aspiring animators. It’s been developed so that when you finish, you’re in a position to showcase your talent. And the work speaks volumes! Alex has compiled a reel with a selection of work from the last set of students to complete the course which you can see at the top of this page.

Special Animation Open Day, November Wednesday 16th
Alex will be explaining how each of these shots on the reel has been achieved during a Special Animation Open Day which is taking place next Wednesday, 16th of November. It’s free to attend but we’re almost fully booked so make sure you sign up now if you’d like to come along. It will give you a fantastic insight into what the industry is looking for and how our courses are tailored to get you totally prepared for that.

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