Chaos' Top Man Vlado Koylazov Talks to Escape

Chaos' Top Man Vlado Koylazov Talks to Escape

Chaos have been super busy working on their new V-Ray 2.0 for Maya, so when the opportunity came up to chat to Chaos’ top man, CTO Vlado Koylazov, we didn't hesitate to get the inside scoop. So, for the lowdown on where the new ideas come from, what's in store for future releases, and his favourite CG project, read on.

Where do ideas for new tools and features originate?
We try to understand the needs of our users and offer them suitable solutions for problems they need to solve. Sometimes, we implement features that are directly requested by users when they need a specific option (for example, we had a request to add the ability to override the material ID number for VRayMtl materials with arbitrary integers, and we implemented it). At other times, users are having a more generic issue that needs to be addressed (for example, rendering of animations with GI).

What is your favourite tool/feature on V-Ray 2.0?
GPU rendering is one of my favourites. It took quite an effort to develop, but in the end, it allows users to produce images at speeds and quality never seen before.

What’s the best project you have seen V-Ray used on?
I can't really pick a "best" project - there is a lot of excellent work produced with V-Ray. However if there is something that I am especially proud of, it is the use of V-Ray for Maya in the making of Tron: Legacy at Digital Domain. I remember reading a book about the history of computer graphics when I was a kid, with some images from the first Tron film, and I thought - this is the stuff I want to do. Back then, I never imagined this will actually happen.

What’s in store for V-Ray in the future?
We are looking at new trends in rendering technologies and trying to figure out what would be expected from our software in the future - like interactive GPU rendering and support for stereoscopic rendering.

If you want to be one of the first to try out the new features in V-Ray 2.0 for Maya, then check out the beta testing program and learn about the new features here.


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Tue 5 Apr 2011: 5:35pm

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