Changing Workflows Within the Post Pipelines...

Changing Workflows Within the Post Pipelines...

I noticed this over at JupiterJazz: AtomKraft Beta2. It's a massive plugin to Nuke enabling a whole host of 3D rendering type workflows. Believe it or not, it puts control of final renders and outputs in the hands of the compers!

The whole look development lighting and rendering pipeline is now being altered by plugins like this, and not the Foundry who actually own the native code. With Mari and Katana being plugged into this look dev pipeline as well, you have a very cohesive look dev pipeline enabling the whole look dev team to work together...  textures, shaders, lighting all integrated with whichever renderer you would like to use.

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Lee Danskin
Fri 18 Mar 2011: 10:19am

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