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CGSociety is dedicated to helping you share your work, tell your stories, improve your skills and advance your career. For ten years we have helped digital artists succeed in their chosen field. We invite you to join a global group of over 100,000 registered members as we explore and collaborate on every level of Digital Art.

Things to do at CGSociety

  • Checkout CGTalk forums and benefit from over 6,000 posts made every week as top professional artists collaborate, share their knowledge and discuss art.
  • Browse the latest art posted in any one of more than 170,000 private CGPortfolios. CGPortfolio hosts over 300,000 images with new ones being added on a daily basis.
  • Browse the best 2D & 3D art selected by our judges to compete for a CGChoice award - or enter your own work. Register for free to CGTalk and begin your own CGPortfolio.
  • When you have completed your CGPortfolio register for CGJobs; so potential employers can see your work when they are searching for new artists.
  • Enter a CGChallenge or any one of a number of other competitions and minichallenges.
  • Check out our News and Features to learn what is happening in the industry, and read in-depth articles about all aspects of Digital Art.
  • Subscribe to the CGS Newsletter and get the latest in a single email each week or subscribe to RSS, CGS Facebook or our Twitter feed to keep up with everything that is going on.
  • Enrol in a CGWorkshop and be mentored by an industry professional within a private online class environment.
  • If you are a more experienced artist with screen credits, partner with us and host a CGWorkshop, sharing your knowledge and being paid at the same time.
  • Submit your work for inclusion in EXPOSE, EXOTIQUE or the latest Ballistic Book.
  • Advertise a job at your studio with us either for free on CGTalk, or receive greater exposure by buying a place on our Job Board.
  • Suggest an idea you want to share with us about how we can do better.


Sponsors of the Users Choice Prize in the Young Professional Category

CGSociety is sponsoring the Users Choice Prize in this year’s Young Professionals Category. The winner of the Users Choice Prize in this new category will get an Online Workshop from CGSociety. Since 2004, CGWorkshops has been delivering quality online training in partnership with expert instructors. If you are a student seeking to gain real-world skills for future employment, or an employed artist wishing to increase your abilities, CGWorkshops will provide you with the right tools and knowledge.

Remember, voting for the Users Choice prizes will start on November 12th 2011 and will finish on December 3rd 2011.