CG Whiz Awards video

CG Whiz Awards video

Regular readers of the blog will know that last week we had the awards ceremony of the CG Whiz competition. We managed to grab the three winners and some of the judges, including Steve Venning from The Mill, to film their views on the competition. We think everyone had a great time, and over the next few months we’re hoping to have blog posts from Adam Droy, the overall winner, and runners up Ronan McMeel and Marco Barrato, to see how the competition prizes have helped them break into the CG industry.

Well done to all who entered – we were astounded by the standard of the entries. For all those of you inspired by the entries keep an eye out for next year’s competition, and the chance to win another potentially career transforming prize.

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Isabelle Duarte
Wed 16 Dec 2009: 4:03pm

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  • Pamela Gemin:

    We are very proud of our nephew, Marco Barrato, for his creativity and vision. Thanks for putting on such a cool competition and encouraging young artists to practice and perfect your craft. You've set a great example here--we need more support for the arts worldwide! Congrats to you and all,
    Pam and Joe Gemin, Wisconsin, USA

  • Pintu Chakraborty:

    Hello Isabelle,

    I am one of the winners at The CG Whiz. Could you tell me when is my subscription going to start?

  • Ronan McMeel:

    Thanks again to Escape, The Mill and all involved.
    Getting the Runner up spot has done a lot for my confidence in my own work and so
    it's very much apreciated.
    Best of luck to the other runner's up and also good luck to Adam, hope you get a lot out of the year ahead.


  • Tom Raynor:

    Really well done to Adam, Ronan & Marco, your work was awesome!
    Thanks a lot to escape studios for running the competition – The magazine subscriptions are the perfect early Christmas present. It is really great that escape runs these competitions and gives people like us a helping hand in getting into an incredibly tough industry. Being a runner up in this competition only makes me want to try harder and get better!

    Thanks again,
    Tom Raynor

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