CG Whiz : 3 Weeks to Go

I have been checking out all the entries received so far into our CG Whiz competition, and it's been a lot of fun watching all the work submitted. Thanks to everyone who has entered so far.

We have also had lots of questions into our inbox and I wanted to address some of them here:

Are there any categories in this competition?

No, there are no categories in this competition. We will be judging each entry on its own merit, whether it is focused on VFX, Character Animation, Games or anything else. What we are looking for is fresh talent, as yet unrecognised.

Does the top prize include cost of relocation?

I am afraid the answer to that one is no. Whoever wins the competition will need to pay for their own relocation costs to study with us. However, the good news is that this year, we are happy to have the winner study with us either in London or Los Angeles. 

I have done some professional work, can I enter the competition?

If you have done any professional CG work, then you cannot enter the competition. We want to give all aspiring artists an equal chance to win and it would not be fair to include people who have already been lucky enough to get exposure in the industry. We do run many other competitions through out the year that can be entered by professionals, so keep and eye out on our blog for the next one.

Will you be checking to see if entries are from professionals?

Yes, we will. 

You can check out all the entries received so far on our our many social media channels – Youtube, Facebook, Twitter or Vimeo.

To enter the competition, just follow the instructions outlined here.

That’s it from me – keep your eye for more competition updates and may the high standard continue!


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