CG Coffee Culture

CG Coffee Culture

The lives of professional VFX artists, who during their working hours create amazing effects, are generally fuelled by a colossal coffee culture, which is almost as strong as the pub culture that exists after work.

In London's Soho, where most of the VFX houses are situated, there are a string of brilliant coffee shops, and during any given day you will see a steady stream of VFX industry people, coming and going picking up their regular caffeine hit, and taking a twenty minute break from whatever VFX challenge they are facing at the time.

As a former regular member of this tribe when I worked for The Mill, but now just an occasional visitor on my journeys from our Shepherds Bush HQ into Soho, I will recommend you my list of a few old favourites:

Personally I'm a big fan of the Flat White, but no matter what silly coffee name it is that you desire, be it Skinny Latté or Decaf Soy, I'm sure their baristas will make you some of the finest coffee you will ever taste.

But if this is not enough for the most dedicated coffee fans out there, here is a website dedicated to hunting down good coffee shops throughout London. So enjoy!

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Miles Pettit
Wed 29 Feb 2012: 1:00pm

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  • Miles Pettit:

    Planning on checking out "tapped and packed" this week with a special trip into town. Thanks for the tip.


  • Jay:

    Nice article and thanks for the links.!

  • Toby Young:

    Thanks Gina! Good call

  • Regina Viveiros:

    I feel Tapped & Packed should also be mentioned.

  • Ant:

    Flat White +1

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