CG Andrex Puppy!

CG Andrex Puppy!

So an Iconic mascot after 4 decades has finally become a CG character. Having done this myself with the first CG Tony the Tiger I have to wonder whether this will work. The British public being such a fickle bunch! CG Tony was to be a furry character but was squashed at the last moment by Kellogg's in the States as going to far away from the 2D character of Tony (shame he was so cool furry).

It takes a brave company to play with an iconic mascot, so hats of to Kimberly-Clark, owners of Andrex, for going for it! Whatever next though... CG PG Tips monkeys! We already have Churchill who I love, and Vinnie Fox's panda for their biscuits. But will the public begin to see the charm and simplicity broken or will they run with it? You can check it out on YouTube here. It airs sometime tonight on 'I'm a celebrity get me out of here'. I think it is a fun ad. The bulldog driving the cab was a winner! So congrats to Framestore. It's good fun!

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Lee Danskin
Thu 2 Dec 2010: 9:00am

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  • Chris Farnon:

    Bring back real puppies :(

  • Jack Shelbourn:

    From what I have seen on Twitter people aren't to happy about it. Then again no one ever is with change.
    For me it looks to much like the Nintendogs...
    But the old ads had gone stale so maybe this is a good thing?

  • Neil:

    I love all the little touches, like the paw print instead of an apple logo and the over-sized keys on the laptop. Looks like there are similar things hidden throughout the advert.

    I'm no expert, but considering how many times this will be repeated on TV, I'd say that's a mark of a good advert :).

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