Celebrating 150 years of the London Underground with some VFX!

Celebrating 150 years of the London Underground with some VFX!

This year we’re celebrating the 150th anniversary of the fabulous, London Underground.

Whether you’re a user of the fantastically modern (and air conditioned) Overground line, or you fight your way onto the central line on a daily basis (those who’ve made their way to Escape will know about both routes) the London underground is a thing of logistical beauty. Taking millions of people daily, from A to B in one of the busiest cities (if not THE busiest city) in the world.

In celebration, TFL has recently been digging out old memorabilia from the archives, uploading an impressive back catalogue of visual content to the internet, as well as creating a number of exhibitions celebrating this rich history of transport for the public’s enjoyment and education. You can check out what’s on offer here!

While you’re whetting your whistle for all things transport – our VFX taster course is something you might want to cast your eyes upon. As is always the case in the world of digital art, boundaries are nigh on non-existent and this course gives you a chance for you to play with your own underground station.

Creating a rollercoaster using footage from the nearby Holland Park tube station, our online tutors have put together a killer introduction to VFX – check out the trailer above and click here for more information!

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