Catarina Ferreira

NAME: Catarina Ferreira

COMPANY: Cinesite

FAVOURITE MOVIE ONE LINER: "Someday my dream will come? One night you will wake up and discover it never happened. It’s all turned around on you. It never will. Suddenly you are old. It didn't happen, and it never will, because you were never going to do it anyway." – Collateral.

PROJECTS: I see all the projects that I've worked on as great experiences. There is always something to take out from each, no matter how exciting the work itself is. Learning something new, improving my skills and getting to know new people are the best parts of it. I quite enjoyed working on "Snow White and the Huntsman" at Blue Bolt as roto/prep artist - I learned a lot every day. Two years after completing the Compositing Professional course at Escape Studios I'm finally having the opportunity to do some compositing work at Cinesite for “300: Rise of an Empire” and I'm loving it. It's a been great reminder of why I chose to work in this industry.

WHY VFX: In the last year of my degree in Communication Design, I got into motion graphics. Started working with After Effects and one thing came to another. I got my first job in an Architecture Visualization company as motion grapher and that title also included doing some compositing work. I think it was a good starting point, from here my passion for comping grew day by day.

I always had some kind of fascination with watching the special features on DVD's, the "making of", the replacement of green screens, the "before/after" visual effects... It´s like making magic, deceiving people and making the impossible possible.

Being a part of great features was something I thought was unachievable, until I heard about Escape Studios. So with 3 years of work experience in Portugal I decided to step back and start all over again in London. It was a huge decision and a big investment to do the course, sure, but it was the best thing I've done. The unachievable became achievable and now the dream is happening.

ADVICE: Try to be creative on your show reel, accept criticism and grow with it, and don't give up if someone tells you it's impossible or too difficult.

It's VFX, nothing is impossible; it's just a matter of time and hard work