Cartoon Yourself?

Cartoon Yourself?

So we’re really busy here at Escape, which is why I’ve been playing around on the internet, making a cartoon of myself… all in the name of research of course.

On an ever so fractionally more serious note though, internet users are inundated with ‘cartoon yourself’ pop ups on a daily basis. But who would’ve known there were so many sites that offer such a service?

I thought I’d tame these consequentially fruitless curiosities and filter out the best of the bunch, reading through the numerous ‘top ten cartoon yourself’ lists (I know, who even compiles these things?) to see what prevails as the most useful tool, for creating your avatar.

After a while perusing, I opted to ‘Mangatar’ myself. It was quick (my main prerequisite for such a task) and there were plenty of options, enabling me to create a character that bears some faint similarities to myself. See above!

Other sites that I attempted to use included ‘SP Studio’, on which you can create yourself as a South Park character, great idea right? Although I could never really shake the thought that a primary school child could perform such a task with a piece of paper and a box of crayons, in significantly less a time.

Others include ToonDoo and Heromachine, which not only allow you to create yourself as a character, but also allow you to insert yourself into various cartoon strips. All well and good, but the sense of emptiness soon arises when your debit card is required to advance your cartoon self into more desirable realms.

Not a chance mate.

All of the alternatives, I concluded, were very much the same. Ultimately the process takes a lot longer than first advertised, and if you’re really into the whole ‘cartoon yourself’ scene, it’s going to cost you some money to achieve an accurate depiction. After all you wouldn’t want to be misrepresented in a world that doesn’t really exist…

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Robert Broadbent
Fri 10 Aug 2012: 11:17am

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  • Emanuela Ferrante:

    Ah ah your cartoon is so you Rob (apart from the hair which, as we all know, is much more crazy than that!)

  • Mary Schaefer:

    Very Well! Your cartoon is amazing. I really enjoyed your post, I think it's a nice blog.

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