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Carmine Agnone

“The VFX world is as fascinating as it is complex, and I think the only way to be part of it is to continue working hard, continue studying and above all, believe in what you do, never feel 'arrived'”

These words of wisdom considered, it was ironically the film Never Ending Story that first sparked escapee Carmine Agnone’s intrigue in the world of VFX. Described to us as a “HOW DID THEY DO THAT!” moment, it inspired him to begin creating his own VFX, from his first amateur production at the age of 16, to recently working on Tim Burton’s latest film Dark Shadows. This lifelong Burton fan come VFX expert has ticked off some incredible career achievements since his time with Escape Studios.

Carmine finished his study with us on April 1st last year, and by the following September, was working at Baseblack and shortly after, MPC, both giants in the VFX industry. Having earned a position as a Matchmove artist and 3D Generalist, Carmine explains how his experience at Escape prepared and enticed him further into a career in visual effects.

“There were so many beautiful experiences at Escape, but the best were in the relaxation room, where I chatted with other escapees about our plans, projects, dreams and hopes for working in the world of VFX after the course… for many of us this dream came true.”

Having also worked on other projects for films World War Z and Dredd, Carmine is just one of the many who continued to fulfil their career ambitions and draw from industry knowledge acquired here at Escape.

“The key benefit for me at Escape was the opportunity to learn how the work is organised in a VFX company. Coming from a different working environment in Italy, this part of the course was essential for me, equally important was visiting The Mill where we could experience the various stages of post-production, in order to better decide which path to take.”

At the moment, Carmine is working with 3D computer graphics software, Maya, studying and specialising in digital environments. He is also currently practising this research on a camera projection project with a portion of Chicago skyscrapers. His career is obviously moving forward to pastures green, and on discussing this current project explains his motivation…

“I love the architecture, set extension and camera movements!”

Under the ethos of never feeling like he’s arrived and being proactive when it comes to satisfying a hunger for knowledge, Carmine is furthering his career at rapid pace, building on the experiences acquired at Escape. To see exactly what Carmine’s been working on, you can watch his showreel here.