Carmine Agnone: Success Story

Carmine Agnone: Success Story

Carmine Agnone, a lifelong Tim Burton fan and escapee, finished his course with us in April 2011 to work on shots for Burtons new film Dark Shadows only months later - a real dream come true! Since then, he’s worked on many projects and built extensively on his wealth of career knowledge.

In a recent catch up with Carmine, he explains how being surrounded by like-minded people amongst other things has prepared him with the tools to progress in the industry; the sky is the limit when it comes to VFX.

“There were so many beautiful experiences at Escape, but the best were in the relaxation room, where I chatted with other escapees about our plans, projects, dreams and hopes for working in the world of VFX after the course… for many of us this dream came true.”

You can read Carmine’s full story here.

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